Training Opportunity for Garland City Fire Department

So practice makes perfect as they say.  An early Saturday morning the Garland Fire Department was given a chance to train a little and help out a east Garland resident.  On 14400 N a resident was had a case of out with the old and in with the new.  They were ridding their lot of an old home with a bad foundation to make room for a new home construction.  Always willing to ‘play’ and do some training, we made arrangements to help take the house down with fire.  We extended the offer to do some training by inviting our neighboring departments Tremonton and Fielding.  We also asked Corrine FD to bring down their big water tender and help with house roasting.  All a precaution because the closest water hydrant was at the East Garland Park.

We started out the day starting some small fires in the home.  This builds up a lot of smoke and some fire, but it allows us to train on our interior attacks safely.  While we had a lot of smoke built up in the home, we also took the chance to practice some victim searches and evacuations.  Something that can never be practiced enough!  Getting the chance to do some live fire training is priceless.  Burning down just about any old structure is also very beneficial for future fires.  The firefighters can watch and study how the fire works and see how things evolve though out the life of the fire since we don’t have to put this fire out.  This teaches us how a fire might travel through a structure to be better prepared for future structure fires.

Once the training was complete and we started the house on fire for the final time, it took roughly 1 hour for floors and all 4 walls and a roof to all come down.  Here are a few of the images from the day’s events.  If it looks like the fire was a little warm – it was.