Another Salmon Fry in the Books!

That’s right – #33 is over and done and being counted as another successful year!  We had over 3200 people come through the station to collect their salmon dinner this year.  I think those who made it this year can attest, we have found a way to improve the salmon fry after all these years.  There is less waiting than ever with an improvement we finished just in time for last year’s feast.  Once things got rolling, we got reports that people didn’t wait much more than 20 mins.  Much of the time the take-out line had no wait at all!

We can’t thank all our families, friends and volunteers that came out this year to give of their time to help us out.  In our planning stages it looked like we were going to be a little short on help this year.  Thank you, thank you thank you for your help!  You know who you are and we appreciate your support more than you will know.  To the vendors; Kent’s Market, Harris Market, Rupps, JC’s Dinner.  We also thank you for your help over the years to make this a success each and every year.  It wouldn’t be possible without your help and generosity.  Most of us are off to the State Fire Convention this week.  When we get back I will make sure to update this list of supporters.

The Garland Fire Department is on a very limited budget.  Matter of fact, our annual budget allows for very little, if any new equipment.  That is obtained through grants, donations and the monies raised through the Salmon Fry.  As pointed out at a display we had at the event.  It requires just under $10,000 just to train a firefighter and outfit them in the most basic of personal protective gear.  As budgets get tighter and tighter it gets very difficult sometimes to make sure a firefighter has a set of turnouts that are not torn or out dated.  Though the support of those who make it out to the Salmon Fry, we able to ensure our firefighters are safe.  And that we can carry out our mission to the citizens of Garland and surrounding Box Elder County:  To protect property and help save lives.

We hope to see everyone next year.  Plan now – the Salmon Fry is always the first Saturday in June – always!

Thanks again for your support!