Another One in the books….

Another GCFD Annual Salmon BBQ is in the books! The firemen, their families and many special vendors in the surrounding area make this a huge success each year. Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to those of you who support the event by attending!

Very successful year again, as we might have had 5 lbs of fish left when the bell rang at 9pm. That’s a lot of salmon and a lot of people served. Numbers area still coming in, but preliminary numbers are showing around 3100. That should grow a little as some tickets sales by firemen are still being turned in.

Special thanks to Kents Market in Tremonton as they put up with the department invading their store for the week before the event. They do alot for us to make it what it is and we couldn’t do it without them. There are many others that help, including the City of Garland itself to make it happen and others I’m sure we’re forgetting at the moment, but we thank you just the same.

Thanks everyone and we’ll see you in 52 weeks! Remember, the first Saturday in June. Next year that means it will fall on the 1st of June 2013.

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