State Fire, Portage UT

This is a comment we received from a citizen, to I’m sure not only Garland FD’s response to the State Fire near Portage on Aug 8th through Aug 13, but every department and agency that did put time on the fire.

Dear Fire Fighters,

I am sending you this note to tell you how I feel about the Portage Fire and the job that was done there. I can’t express the gratitude I feel towards the men and women of your department for the Time, Talents and Outstanding Service you rendered in our behalf. The time taken away from your families to make sure my family would be taken care of from the damages of the terrible fire in August. I am so thankful that no harm came to anyone’s lives as they bravely severed our community.
Pauline Huggins

On behalf of the Garland Fire Department, thank you for your kind words and gratitude. Just know, that your words, although not necessary at all, are very appreciated by my fire fighters and their families alike. We were honored to be part of the hard working crews that were called to help fight this fire. We also share in your feelings that not one citizen or firefighter was hurt or injured during the 18 day mission. Rest assured, should the unfortunate call for service ever arise again for us to respond to the Portage area, we would do so without thinking twice.

Thank you for your support,
Steve Harrington
Battalion Chief, Garland Fire

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