2013 Salmon BBQ Supporters – Thank you!

Putting together the annual BBQ fundraiser is a monumental task that takes many helpers behind the scenes. We could not do it without your support and can’t thank you enough for helping us make this such a successful and popular event every year.

The GCFD Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank the donations made by local people and businesses around the county for our fundraiser. Proceeds go to the UofU Burn Center and Burn Camp. With your contributions, we do help change lives. Times are tough but still we find an overwhelming number of helping hands. Thank you. This list grows every year.

Box Elder County Tourism
Kent’s Marketplace
The Tremonton Leader
Chanshare Sod Farms
Tremonton Pharmacy
Paparazzi Jewelry – Kellie Bess & Lindsay Phenes
Pampered Chef – Laura Wilkinson
C&K Construction
Synergy – Josh Marble
Lena Allen
And a special thanks to the ladies at the Bear River Valley Senior Center for their hard work on the hand sewn quilt.

Tia Christian gets a special shout out for her huge help in gathering sponsor donations every year. Thank you, Tia!


Auxiliary Dues and Information

If you didn’t get the yearly contact sheet for the auxiliary members, there are extras hanging on the cork board at the station. This sheet has all the information you need on it. Including upcoming events and due costs. Please get them to an auxiliary officer as soon as you can if you want to get your fireman a gift. Thanks! – Shelley

GCFD Auxiliary – TIme to Gather Donations!

Each year at the GCFD Fish fry, the ladies auxiliary gathers donations to support the burn center and burn camp. Some of the donation prizes this year are still being finalized. We can tell you that we will be doing the Quilt raffle again, brought back by popular demand! The ladies in the GCFD Auxiliary and the Bear River Valley Senior Center combined forces and put this together at the senior center. There is no doubt the volunteers at the senior center did a majority of this work to help us raise money for a good cause. We thank them so much! It was a great experience to go visit with them. If you missed out on it this year, make plans to join us next year early on, any of the auxiliary officers can tell you when to expect the quilt to be put on again.


Here is an image of a couple of the prizes. We have. The horse is donated by Wells Fargo in Tremonton, Utah. It’s huge, if you can’t gather that from the image. It is just over 3 feet long.


This post will be updated with other prizes as we gather the details.

To all the Auxiliary ladies on GCFD, we are also doing something new this year to help with pre-selling tickets for the donations. If you sell $75 worth of tickets, you will earn a limited edition Tshirt as a bonus. You will be able to order it in Tshirt form or fitted T. Tia has the envelopes and tickets for you to start selling right away. Get in touch with her. Sell some tickets and get a cool tshirt! You have until the day of the potato wash (the week of the fish fry) to get your envelopes in.

Contact any of the auxiliary ladies if you’re wanting to purchase giveaway tickets, it goes to a good cause.Anyone interested in purchasing through the website for donation tickets can send a comment here and we will get it.

Garland Fire Department Family BBQ at Garland City Park, Utah.

May 5th 6:00pm at the Garland City Park Bowery we will be having family BBQ night. Aux is providing the meat for burgers and hotdogs. RSVP to Sharece Munns by the April 28th  for a food assignment. Grills will be there if you’d prefer to bring your own steak or other meat. Bring hot dog sticks if you have them.

Invites have been sent, but please pass this on if you get the chance. Thanks!

Garland City Fire Department Auxiliary Information

Back by popular demand, we will be doing the quilt raffle for the Salmon Fry again in the summer of 2012. Thanks to the Bear River Valley Senior Center located in Tremonton, Utah, they are doing most of the work. The auxiliary women are encouraged to go volunteer their time to help stitch the quilt. It will take about a week to get it done.

Auxiliary Officers for 2012-2013 are:

  • Tia Christian
  • Shelley Harrington
  • Liz Johnson
  • Colleen Menlove
  • Teresa VanValkenburg

Auxiliary dues are now due. It is $16 for the year. This will get you your fireman’s Valentines Day gift. Deadline is ASAP as we need to place an order. Contact any of the officers if you have questions. Thanks!


Here is an image of the quilt in progress, check back for the finished product. Remember to find one of the GCFD members to buy a chance at this quilt by June.It’s for a good cause.