Emergency Numbers And Important Links

Fire, Police, Medical Emergencies – Dial 911

Non-emergency – Box Elder County – 257-3131


Bear River Valley Hospital – (435) 257-7441

Utah Highway Patrol -(435) 257-3131

Bear River Mental Health Services  – (435) 257-0121

Federal Bureau of Investigation – 1-801-579-1400

National Poison Control Center – 1-800-222-1222

National Response Center for Reporting Incidents of: Security Breaches, Terrorist Threats, Toxic Chemical Releases, Environmental Emergencies & Oil Spills –  1-800-424-8802   TTY-1-800-877-8339

Amber Alert Website – http://www.amberalert.gov/index.htm

Current Utah Fire Info – http://www.utahfireinfo.gov/

Department of Homeland Security – http://www.dhs.gov/index.shtm

Google Earth – http://maps.google.com/

Utah State Firemen’s Auxiliary – http://ladiesauxiliary-utah.blogspot.com/

Weather.com – www.weather.com

NUIFC – http://gacc.nifc.gov/egbc/dispatch/ut-nuc/nuifc.html

This list was prepared from the best information available, but cannot guarantee it is complete or in all cases correct.

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