2013 GCFD Salmon BBQ – June 1st

36th Annual Salmon BBQ – Fundraiser to help with equipment, protective gear and training for the Garland Fire Department. Hearty serving of grilled salmon, baked potato, green salad, roll and drink.

3:00pm until 9:00pm

Adults – $13.00 Dine in or takeout
Children – $7.00 12 & Under

Prices good until May 26, then adult tickets are $15.00 online as well as at the door. Dine in is all you can eat grilled salmon.

Buy your tickets online using the “Buy Tickets” link beloe:


Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two, and with some enhancements to the station over the last couple years we have less waiting and much shorter lines. We have more room also for those wishing to take their time, and enjoy a good sit down salmon dinner! We invite you to come join us for this great cause and help out our fire department at the same time.

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GCFD Auxiliary – TIme to Gather Donations!

Each year at the GCFD Fish fry, the ladies auxiliary gathers donations to support the burn center and burn camp. Some of the donation prizes this year are still being finalized. We can tell you that we will be doing the Quilt raffle again, brought back by popular demand! The ladies in the GCFD Auxiliary and the Bear River Valley Senior Center combined forces and put this together at the senior center. There is no doubt the volunteers at the senior center did a majority of this work to help us raise money for a good cause. We thank them so much! It was a great experience to go visit with them. If you missed out on it this year, make plans to join us next year early on, any of the auxiliary officers can tell you when to expect the quilt to be put on again.


Here is an image of a couple of the prizes. We have. The horse is donated by Wells Fargo in Tremonton, Utah. It’s huge, if you can’t gather that from the image. It is just over 3 feet long.


This post will be updated with other prizes as we gather the details.

To all the Auxiliary ladies on GCFD, we are also doing something new this year to help with pre-selling tickets for the donations. If you sell $75 worth of tickets, you will earn a limited edition Tshirt as a bonus. You will be able to order it in Tshirt form or fitted T. Tia has the envelopes and tickets for you to start selling right away. Get in touch with her. Sell some tickets and get a cool tshirt! You have until the day of the potato wash (the week of the fish fry) to get your envelopes in.

Contact any of the auxiliary ladies if you’re wanting to purchase giveaway tickets, it goes to a good cause.Anyone interested in purchasing through the website for donation tickets can send a comment here and we will get it.

The Making of a Salmon Fry – Behind the Scenes

This is my first year of experiencing the Garland City Salmon Fry from inside the fence. I have to tell you what a great experience it’s been watching this come together! It really is a huge group effort from these Garland guys and their families.  They work hard all week to prepare for the annual fund raiser. I’ve totally enjoyed helping, as well as stepping back and soaking in the camaraderie that this group has.

Wednesday night, a group of the guys headed to Kent’s Marketplace in Tremonton to cut the salmon.

Thursday night was the ‘potato wash’.  This is where the group got together and scrubbed and wrapped over 4000 potatoes for Saturday’s event.  We had a great time. I heard stories from the Mayor about how it all started out as 2 or 3  guys sitting on the back of the fire truck, scrubbing potatoes and prepping the fish all in one evening. Look at them now!  It was the most fun I EVER had scrubbing potatoes!




And today is Friday, the day before the BBQ and the guys have been over there since noon putting all of the BBQ pits together. Not to mention the work involved with putting together the tables and chairs,  the kitchen, special sauce, and all the little details that make this event such a great gathering!

A little rain won’t slow them down. Alan, Brady and Aaron bringing in the pits:


Chris is dumping sand while Quentin and Steve man the shovels:


Group effort:


Chris, Bob and Mart cleaning up the traffic route:


Kent, Bob and Jade working on the stairs:


I’m  not sure who was having more fun here, Chris or Wyatt!


Steve and I are both honored to be a part of it this year. This group is an amazing bunch! We all hope to see you here on Saturday!

-Shelley H – Contributor